Piano Tuning and maintenance

Piano Tuning and Maintenance

I specialise in the tuning, maintenance, repair, of all types of pianos

Your piano sounds its best when tuned regularly and maintained in proper playing condition.
Generally, pianos tuned regularly stay in tune longer than pianos tuned sporadically. Pianos tuned less frequently go out of tune faster than pianos tuned at least 2 times a year.

A piano that has not been tuned for many years will usually not hold the first tuning as long as a piano tuned on a regular basis. I  strive to tune all pianos to A440 Concert Pitch although in some cases it may not be possible if the piano has not been tuned for many years. It sometimes will take up to 3 visits over a year period to bring a neglected piano back to pitch. In some very rare case’s it cannot be tuned to A440.

Pitch Raising

When a piano is neglected, moved about or kept in too humid or cold an environment the pitch can drop to a point where a fine tuning cannot is not enough to bring the piano to pitch. It is then necessary to carry out one or more rough tunings just to get the piano back to a point where a fine tuning will achieve the desired result. In all case’s a huge amount of excess tension is being added to the  piano which will make it a little unstable in the short term. For this reason it is necessary for the piano to be tuned again within a shorter period than normal, generally between 3 to 6 months. Again, sometimes it may not be possible to raise the pitch of an instrument because of the state of the strings, tightness of the tuning pins etc.

In Ireland,  pitch raises are unfortunately often necessary because of our changeable weather. To avoid needing a pitch raise, it is always best to tune your piano regularly and to keep it in a well room with a well-maintained temperature. It is best to avoid keeping a piano next to a radiator or open fire.

To Book a Tuning/Repair contact me on 0872371541 or use this contact form below and I will get back to you and I will get out to you at your earliest convenience.




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