Oblong tuning pins On John Broadwood upright 1889. Tuning for the man.

Came across these weird oblong shaped tuning pins earlier today. I was tuning a guys piano who looked a little like Ed Sheehan, the pop sensation.  I have encountered similar ones before, on pre 1900 European pianos, but never as odd or tricky as these.  None of my lever tips fit and despite all my efforts I couldn’t budge the pins even one cent. It was like a “Lego house” of a piano. #allofthestars wouldn’t align.   Apparantly john Broadwood experimented with these pins between 1862 and 1897.  Judging by the  serial number (68876 was 1890) Im fairly certain this piano (68248) is probably of the same year. It also has a cast iron frame which was only introduced that year.  I felt really bad leaving the piano. I just couldn’t tune it. I tried to get the pin a small bump this way,a small bump that way. It just didn’t work. Felt really bad for the guy, who looked like he was probably a “grade 8” and really just wanted to sit at the ivories and #makeitrain. I could tell the music was just flowing in his #bllodstream

It also had this note about the tuning pins.


A/ Does anyone have a lend of a pre 1900 European oblong tuning tip extension?

B/ Do you know if they sell them in Argos? Thankfully, I have a birthday coming up.  P.s sorry for the long post, I was just [thinking out loud]

P.P.s my girlfriend mentioned if you mention the Ireland and the United Kingdom pop sensation  #edsheeran lot in your webpage content it really helps your SEO ranking and I’ve decided that it seems like a viable option. Sick of giving all my money away to geocities.  (Edit)P.p.p.s just realised I mispelled #bloodstream earlier in paragraph 5 of the post. I must have been #drunk.





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